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Highly-prized by psych, rock and soundtrack collectors worldwide, we are proud to announce the arrival of the classic UK 45: Frog - Witch Hunt / Living Dead.  Reissued for  the first time, this powerful rock / psych / exploito hybrid originally featured on the soundtrack of the cult 1973 UK zombie biker B-movie PsychomaniaThe single was issued on the Jam label in 1973 to promote the film. Originals are hard-to-find and increasingly expensive.

John Cameron

Invited by the director to score the movie; arranger and producer John Cameron summoned his elite ‘go to’ team of top British session musicians to the hangar-like soundstage at Shepperton Film studios to record the soundtrack it had taken him one week to compose. Under the watchful eye of a plum-voiced 'old school' studio engineer in suit and tie,  Cameron marshalled the talents of Alan Parker, Tony Carr, Harold McNair, Spike Heatley, Norma Winstone and others to make instruments 'sound strange.'



Psychomania has been an established cult movie with horror film fans the world over for many years and is definitive proof  that a multitude of wrongs can sometimes make a right. 

Visually it's a phantasmagorical feast of fog, lame leather bikers, shaky sets, smoke-encircled frogs, motorcycle stunts, 70s interiors and bizarre suicides. 

Camp performances abound as the nonsensical storyline unfolds but Cameron's heavy rocking, anthemic soundtrack provides a cohesive pulse uniting the disparate parts to create a memorable movie experience.