Very Good Plus 2006

66 Swap CDs


Compilation or mix CDs created by music forum members committed to sharing overlooked, rare, hard-to-find and often long-deleted / OOP (out-of-print) music with like-minded souls.


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Xavier Blake- The Girl in the Corvette with Sunglasses...

green man - Vinyl Vulture CD Swap Xmas 2006

Mumbles - Vinyl Vulture

pitch - Pitch's Patent Pending

Sergio Paradise - Strewth! Aussie music from the Garage...


effi-deep - Tree of Joy

piglit n'rolf - VV Xmas Swap CD 2006

amino - No Two Snowflakes Are Alike!

High Flying Bird

Bruce Highway - Why Not?


Wickerman - Sold To The Devil

The Divine One - The Divine Music Centre

Teddy Rosso - Jazz Biscuits

Mr Naga - Vinyl Vulture Xmas Swap

john stapleton - In The Bleak Midwinter


Viva Chiba - Danger Deep Excavations

Nick Cope - VV Xmas Swap 2006

Ashra - Hare Rama Krishmix

Dave Kinky - Dave's Shoegazin' Mix

Hghland Cow - VV Xmas 2006


Manzo - Vulture Xmas Mix 2006

Eclipsechaser - Scatterbrains Mix

Haye's VV Xmas Mix 2006

wms68 - VV Xmas Swap 2006

Motown67 - Finding My Soul


Cancer Scabies - Xmas Swop Mix

mawhie - Underground Overgrown

emperor tomato ketchup - Sonic Attack

Bodger - The Realness: Various Hip Hop

peretti - Stereo Action Sounds


Stoneface - Music For The Minimum Wage

Lady J - All Femme Mix Vol. 3

Rich Hero - House Of Wrong

Hooded Claw - Well Clawed Cheapies

Seldon Plan - VV Xmas CD 2006


someblokecalledfuz - Bamboo Funk

Sie Vulture - Xmas Swap CD 2006

Ben Hatton - Xmas 06 CD Swap

Awoo - Raw As An Applecore

Ian Townsend - Merry Xmas


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

flytipper - It's Now Winter's day

Jam - Happy Xmas!

Organiser Music - Satisfy My soul


jakartajive - Don't Blow Your Mind

alanmck - A Bright Star Nose In The East

folkishienne - '06


Tom B - These Are Our Friends

Col Wolfe - 2006

JamesF - Vinyl Vulture Xmas CD 2006


LDJB - 2006

Lord Thames - Discovery!

Palma Rubia - My Problem's Got problems


Mendoza - A Sitar's not just for Xmas

Hadrian Elephant - hayden's Jazz Fusion Compilation

Ian Townsend - Easy Orchestral, Funky Exotica and Now!


Sermad - 10" Micks

Bongolia - Vinyl Vulture Mix Swap

Barrence - Rendezvous With Yesterday


Brother Logic - The Machuga Flop

Eric Adams - Xmas Mix 2006

MystDrF - Vinyl Vulture Xmas swap 2006


McDoom - S/T

Nico Gomez - Xmas Swap 2006

LLMod1 - Funk Around The World III


VG+ Children's Comp - It's Fun To Listen and Learn

Ted Knott - Nothing But Trouble




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Ian Townsend

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