VG+ Swap Xmas 2005

57 Swap CDs


They are compilation or mix CDs by music forum members sharing overlooked, rare, hard-to-find and often long-deleted / OOP (out-of-print) music with like-minded souls.


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folkishienne & Mikey Good - VV Christmas Swap 2005

Lady J - 'Read What They Do Guy!': All-Femme Mix Vol. 2

John Idem - Diggin Deep Volume 4

someblokecalledfuz - Listen Here

Dr Rubberfunk - Any Colour As Long As It's The Blues


Rolex Baxter - Bring that beef back!

Vinylism - Vinyl Vulture Swap 2005

john stapleton - Folk, Fuzz, Freaks...and Flutes

Viva Chiba - Japanese Grooves: Exotic and Unreleased

Si Cheeba - What You Gonna Do?


Vibra - Diggery Pokery

Motown67 - White Girl Folk, Funk, Rock andf Soul

Martin Lovegrove - Bread n' Butter: Old School UK Hip Hop

Warren - 'Not That Hard To Find'

The Divine One - Hearing Is Believing


Eclipsechaser - Xmas 05 CD Swap

Bruce Highway - Tourist attractions Vol.2

Mutante-Trm - One Rainy Thursday

Xavier Blake - The Wham! Bam! Thank You Ma'am! Affair

Dr Kraken - Xmas 2005


Plum - Annexed

jakartajive - Tearin' Down The Walls

Flytipper - Creations of Simon

emperor tomato ketchup - What Do You Think...?

Ted Knott - 'Suddenly Winter'


Manzo - Loosely Mixed Hip Hop

Taiconderoga - A Perrar Con Taiconderoga

Sie Vulture - Xmas VV CD Swap

Ian Townsend - Merry Christmas - Swap '05

wms68 - Vinyl Vulture Christmas Swap CD 2005


gingham kitchen - Eye Of The Liger

Little Jimmy Oddman - .. anyone seen my accountant's mind?

Brother Lee - Xmas Mix-Up

Brother Logic - The Washout

Bodger - VV Xmas Mix 2005


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

green man - VV CD Swap Christmas '05

LLmod1 - Funk Around The World Vol. 2

loosejoints - Bring On The Big Drums


Tommyboy - Jumpin' Around '3

Amino - Winter Compilation '05

??? - Collage


effi_deep - Beyond The Forest

alanmck - VVmix Christmas 2005

Stoneface - Music To Move Your Movements


Eric Adams - Vinyl Finds Vol. 2

Belson - The Freak Show

LDJB - 2005 Swap Thang


Hooded Claw / Green Man - Heavy Hands Mix

Sermad - Getting laid Micks

Left hand Corner & Veris - The Program


Sarge - VV Xmas Swap ......Word!

Rich Hero - VV CD Swap: 12/2005

Mawhie - Funky Soul & Psychedelic Dance Suite


Col Wolfe - Xmas Swap 2005

Opiated Black - VV Mix 2005

Hayes - VV MixSwap '05


Mumbles - Vinyl Vulture Xmas 2005




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