Waxidermy Swap 2006

19 Swap CDs


Compilation or mix CDs created by music forum members committed to sharing overlooked, rare, hard-to-find and often long-deleted / OOP (out-of-print) music with like-minded souls.


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Gloom - Sighke

MattB - Waxidermataology

T - 5 5 5 5

john stapleton - Time Was

bryn - Plkbryn - Music Recorded Library


hcrink - Night Of The Living Hemp

dr. lloyd - Disquaire & Medecin Dechaine

Nrich - psychmixthree

auto - S/T

Hawthorne Wingo - Evil Cupcake Mix


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

CortezTheKiller - Locked In Freshness

Chicken Roti - Waxidermy Swap CD 2006

Eric Adams - The Story So Far


gir - What Would Chewbacca Do?

Gene Pontecorvo - Bad Taste: A Champagne Jam

Mike B - S/T


2ply - Gosh

The Contortionist - Waxidermy Comp

dollar_bin - Anatomy Of A Pop CD





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Ian Townsend

December 2014

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