Waxidermy Swap 2008

55 Swap CDs


Compilation or mix CDs created by music forum members committed to sharing overlooked, rare, hard-to-find and often long-deleted / OOP (out-of-print) music with like-minded souls.


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

the contortionist - Visions From The Third Eye

pup - Snag Nasty

Big_A - Je T'Aime

DJ Willderness - Behind The Curtain - The Premix

banana - Bummer In The Summer


Horrific Child - Two Years In Japan

bryn - Bryn's Mix

Glockose - My Private America 1 & 2

CortezTheKiller - Olum Tehlikesi

dollar_bin - AG


4DW - Re-Miximator

Dcarfagna - Far Fade Away

Justin Torres & DJ Om - Up from Down

spelunk - Time Will Never Stop...

cracker - Preshus Momintz


mad dog - Mad Dog God Dam

Kingpin - Waxidermy '08

hammertime - Little Dude Alert II

gurney - Lion For Rent

jpeatt - Illegible Patterns


canonical - Adjective Punk

Greenleaf -

Nate B & Leo - Localvore Sounds

djr - Plaid Stamps

hcrink - Progressive Tiki


JRoot - Mozambique & Lichtenstein

Joe Shlabotnik - Golden Throats

nrich - Garage Morning


Lazy Day - Sunshower - Mellow Sounds For A Mellow Day


marc.dos - Coals From Newcastle

colouring-in - II

mattB - Waxidermy Mix 2008

dr-lloyd - Dank Pulsations of the Fornices

James - Sometimesy


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

T - Ren & Stimpy

Rodney - Interview

genepontecorvo - I've Never Been So High


warp nap - Making Ends Meet

Freed - Home Of The Hiss

Plantweed - The Diary of John Austin Fingers


goatboy - 4.28am

rook - Wasted In Wasteland

ROliver - 2008


town's end - X-ian Licorice Pizza

pcmr - Made In Quebec

sun_who? - Turd Shower


Magpie - Hanko Mixu

jeffW - The White Album

auto - Memphis Rap


john stapleton - A Sailor's Life

FOS - Master of Mixes

theory9 - Yu Tell Lies We Tell Lies


tick-tickler - Coaster 2008

Darrell Licht - 1993 USA Independents 2008





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