Waxidermy Swap 2010

76 Swap CDs


Compilation or mix CDs created by music forum members committed to sharing overlooked, rare, hard-to-find and often long-deleted / OOP (out-of-print) music with like-minded souls.


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

nrich - Deluxe

Big_A - Sax-O-Mo-Phone

4DW - Brakes For Days

BreakShelf - Lower Stakes In The Great Lakes

Pattrick - Growing Up Isn't Easy


brohannon - S/T

celestino - Shrine Rooms

Secondliner - Two Throwed

colouring-in - NSEW

Blue Owls - Europeon Affair


covmart - Tracks for Jamie

Deric Mahaney - Hopefuls

DCarfagna - Ethnic Mix

Coaster - Misting

emperortomatoketchup - Celestial Grass 2


culturecounter - Mo Snerts / Indiana Punk / New Wave Story

jpeatt - incomplete without surface noise

Devil McDoom - Hypnoscope Reruns

dollar_bin - Presents Earolio

alfafa sprouts - Waxi Mix 2010


the fernwood flasher - Duende

dwood - Me & My Kite

Darrell Licht - Darrell Licht's Dark Marina

the fuhz - Knot For You

cracker - Too Smooth Too / Waiting Out The Eighties


pablo - Jazz Yeah Jazz

theory9 - Metropol

hcrink - soft

GV Greenleaf - 110th St & 5th Ave, From Barrio With Love

Independent1 - Exploito A Go Go


jesupereq - Golden Turds Vol.1

King Maxwell - Flute

Rod Torfulson -Leering Lotus Flower Cacophony

klaus - Altazor

goatboy - Wacky Waxi Packages


johntripp - Once

mad dog - Golden Radio

pcmr - Politically Charged Montrealish Records

belovedmightyIAMpresence - Giampiero Boneschi

leo - e'go'ma'ni'a:


sun_who? - My Love Is Like The Sun

randomaccessmike - Fortune Smiles

warp nap - Spirit Clippings

Rockadelic - My Days Are Darker Than Your Nights

Kadink - Reagan Revue

Plantweed - Rose Stem Catheter

town's end - Bird Blower

Rymdkram - Place Du Jeu-De-Balle

spirou - Lo Bueno ya Viene / Only Come To Leave
sakedelic - Joy Ride


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

William Burrows

sam - ?

pup - Woman


Yerbamansa - Now Doth Time Waste Me

Plarocks - Waxi Mix 2010

alanmck - Waxidermy Mix 2010


DJ Willderness - Da Neon Willderness

diskgolf - Audio Terror

MBJ - Dubble Visions


Friends Of Sound - Nods La Goon

rook - Field

mattB - Jishin


john stapleton - A Mellower Hue

The Unknown Mix

vinylism - Music To Pick Daisies By


twoply - Summer Games

Freed - Magic Sun Hotel

zachd - We're All Ghosts Sometimes


hammertime - Little Dude Alert 4

frankie teardrop - Ass Oriented Rock

auto - Jazzercise Vibes


bilb - Feelin' Fine

Horseleech - 25 Hard Rock 45s

patrickamory - Black Is The Colour


Horrific Child - Someday It Will All Get Better

knodel - Clueless Beats





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Ian Townsend

December 2014


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