Waxidermy Swap 2014

50 Swap CDs


Compilation or mix CDs created by music forum members committed to sharing overlooked, rare, hard-to-find and often long-deleted / OOP (out-of-print) music with like-minded souls.


Rows: L to R: Top to Bottom

bobtheorange - Coquito

max - Blowing In Nashville

independent1 - Butterscotch Blowing Your Mind

justin - Waxidermy Mix 2014

4DW - Gears For Years


Sofa King - Girls In Distress

jpeatt - Green Mandala

bullseye - high and Lonesome

rockadelic - Floating Down Old Man River

T.H and Ronald - Nite Fantasy III


Fox - Who Helps the Helpers

Tungston Hardtip – Dangerous Highway

patrickamory - She Was The Rose Of My Heart

Sofa King - In Search Of Harmony

Horseleech - Thud: Argentinian Rock '71 - '75


warpnap - Bummer Beach

Professor Mouah - Morphine Lollipop

i'm all ears - Seeing With More Than Our Eyes

roccus - Waxi Swap 2014

That - Giacometti Sculptures


Great Bermuda Holiday

Little Latin Lupe Lu - Never Slow Down

coastal scrub - Lazy Bones

goatboy - Losing At

thechancellor - I Won't Cry


someblokecalledfuz - This Is UK Private Press

diskgolf - bomb songs

iantenna - Careless Souls

klaus - Trilce

lemmycaution - Satan's Failures


Rows: L to R: Side Panel

SOM - Last days Of Direct Sunlight

LBx - Palm Tree Vol. 2

John Tripp - Hiscos


plsmith - Destination In!

patrickamory - L'Heure De Piano 2

Pattrick - Best Of VG+ Swap 2013 Vol. 1


i'm all ears - Mellow Heat Vol. 3: Ancient Egyptian Eye 2

Kadink - Another Hemigluteal Effort

sam - Burmese Rock


stereoMonic - Artificial Flavours

pcmr - Made In Quebec

That'sThatIconSound - Evidence of Shred


DaveK - Hello It's DaveK

emperortomato ketchup - Grass, Food & Lodging Vol. 3

Jameson_s – Gospel Mix Variety Pack


mad dog - Mellow Canada

shoestring - Only In America 3

Dominic - Wisconsin


TheKindCromang - Paradise

Wong_Popolizio - Pana-Soul




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Ian Townsend

December 2014


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